Friday, March 14, 2014

Spend Sadness

The sadness is that gray cloud that crosses your sky temporarily , may bring rain, but as comes, the wind pulls back to let the sun shine .
Sadness is the darkness that now
accompanies you , thick and black , but surely dissipated , like when you light a candle and slowly this away the gloom.
When sadness invades you wonder happen? Breathlessness happen that sometimes does not let you breathe? Spend the lump in my throat that catches your tears and your words, your want to scream ?

Come in, come as the days passed one after another without stopping to think , if it's worth starting again, just do it .
Come in, come today as the experiences that become painful memories, and memories over time in forgetfulness
Spend as will a beat and then another without stopping, so sorrow that now fills the next heartbeat may perhaps no longer .

Spend as pain goes and becomes quiet, and then hope that calm and ultimately hope in joy
Spend as tired at the end of the climb , it becomes joy to get to the top.
When sadness invades you cover your gray days , so, and only changes when you realize that you can improve .

When you're sad , find your anchor to keep you connected to life, the sadness that today goes live soon and this anchor holds you hope.

When you're sad , find a lifeline and stick to it , call it as you want, friend , goal , dream , but find something to live for
Open your eyes, the sadness that sometimes clouds your eyes , and discover you're not alone . In this way of life full of stones and thorns are many others like you walk on this path that you find so difficult and sometimes unbearable until there is a hand that guides you and shows you a way out.

Cry if you want that tears are not a sign of weakness or cowardice , wash your soul , relieves the pain that oppresses you

Sadness happens, I remember it upon awakening each day, I remember it to shed every tear, I remember it feeling that your hope runs out, it could help you silence your pain and is diminishing.

And when sadness pass and can live again , Promo insurance education that I leave , fulfill of strength and light, and is , to help keep another sad soul , that you had a sure your holding hand with you all this sadness , to help you cope. Another pays the blessing granted to you , because there's nothing better to get you out of the sadness that a helping hand.

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